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Our Projects on design and supply of LED lighting system was started in 2003. The first remarkable project is 33m(W) x 11m(H) Corporate ID sign of HACTL. It was the largest LED sign as of 2004.

From 2005, acelab focus on custom-made LED lighting systems for high tier boutiques. Our LED lighting systems were gradually spread over the cities in the region of Asia Pacific, namely, Hong Kong, Macau, Bangkok, Jakarta, Singapore, Kuala Lumpar, Sydney, Melbourne, Taipei and many other cities in China.

In 2008, acelab was awarded to design and supply of our first LED lighting systems for external façade for Louis Vuitton at Qingdao, China. Since then, more LED façade lightings for high tier boutiques were completed by acelab. Good references are façade lightings for Chanel at Beijing and Hangzhou and Louis Vuitton at Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

Other than high tier boutiques, acelab also involves local LED projects in Hong Kong actively including shopping malls, cinemas, auditorium, hotels and restaurants, signages, etc.

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